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July has been a month of extraordinary weather. In between snow storms we’ve had fog, rain, gale force winds, sleet, sago…. There’s been awfully little sunshine! It did peep out on Wednesday (a memorable day) and revealed the absolute winter wonderland that we live in. Connect with us on social media (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter)  to see these and lots of other photos. August is just round the corner and is coming in with, of course, another snow blizzard which will top up the 110cm base. Anthony O’Shea from the Falls Creek daily snow report blog sums up current weather expectations:

The Ice Storm.

We may no longer be part of an empire over which the sun never sets, but we are at the end of a week in which the sun hasn’t been sighted. He’s a no show again today. And speaking of having things front to back and downside up, we’ve had an ice storm overnight (not a nice storm), with freezing drizzle falling at temperatures well below zero.

There may be delays getting some lifts open this morning as Mountain Operations are all hands on hammers, bashing off the hoary riming. There’s been no damage done to the snow depth, but the higher humidity means it’s firmer on the surface early (and icy around the village) and likely be softer and wetter than it has been later on.

The Sunshine.

For the weekend, there’s still some chance the Sun King will make a cameo tomorrow and/or Sunday, but irregardless as they say, the light for the next two days should be brighter, the clouds thinner, the winds lighter and the weather warmer than it’s been all week. We’ll all be able to ski and ride our fill with all lifts open and all terrain so beautifully covered. And then we get to do it all go through it all again next week. Yeehaa!

The Snow Storm.

Picking up where we left off, there’s another half-a-metre or more coming our way next week. Mountainwatch is currently saying 82cm for Falls over the next seven days! (See the table below.) Even half of that would be a mighty start to August. Stay tuned for a storm naming and storm total guessing competition on our social media channels all next week (Sturm-Namen), with two very exclusive Sturm-Pass up for grabs, each good for free skiing and snowboarding for the rest of this massive season at Falls”